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Comprehensive Advisory Service
Water Treatment and Disinfection

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Asesoramiento para la Desinfección del Aire y Superficies

Aquabona, global advice on
water disinfection and filtration

Talk to the experts at Aquabona SL and its collaborating partners and find out the possibilities our products offer. Implement effective solutions in applications such as disinfection and filtration for optimization and valuation of a resource as precious and scarce as water, also helping the improvement of the environment. In addition, we will also advise you on high-performance deodorization technologies. Find ideas for improved feasibility and prestige of your business.


Personal and specialized advice is our philosophy. This is a differential and decisive factor for the effective application of the technologies that represent the development of our activity.

Aquabona SL has a team of specialized technicians, with extensive experience in multiple projects of reuse, purification, disposal of environmental contaminants as well as the valorization of process waters.


The technologies represented are configured and sized based on the characteristics of the fluids to be treated. Design parameters consider quality starting point, the required quality and other complementary treatments that, through a correct combination with the main technology, allow achieving the objective by optimizing the necessary resources.

As experts, we record “in situ” the decisive parameters of the process, analyze the data and work on it as a basis for a study and planning of the technology that is best suited for your purpose.


The proposed technologies are developed for regular and permanent use 24/365. UV-C technology, ozone, membrane filtration, photoionization. With the common denominator that all systems and components have low maintenance requirements, are sustainable and efficient.

To ensure that the equipment is perfectly operational throughout its useful life, we have a technical service for technical assistance and maintenance.

Asesoramiento Integral en Desinfección y Tratamiento de Aguas

Aquabona: Full service

Our pillars for a Comprehensive Service:

• Expert and professional advice.

• Quality of products and systems.

• Quick response.

• Effectiveness and efficiency.

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