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Water Disinfection and Filtration
Industrial and Municipal Sectors

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Solutions for higher water quality and the environment

Specialists in water disinfection and filtration

Aquabona, S.L. is one of the main players in the water treatment sector in Spain, with extensive experience of more than 40 years providing solutions in the field of disinfection -both for the industrial and municipal sectors- and offering an after-sales and technical service of proximity. However, as a result of the continuous improvement process inherent to the Company, a few years ago we decided to diversify thebusiness by expanding our portfolio to filtration technologies, complementary to disinfection and allowing us to offer comprehensive solutions.

We are proud to continue being faithful to the company's mission sice its origins: promoting technical solutions to improve water quality by protecting the environment and helping to create a more sustainable world. We mainly participate in reuse, recovery and better use of such a scarce and precious resource as water, always based on the application of physical treatments.

Our team of professionals will provide you with expert advice on the main and most efficient technologies, assisting you in project planning, the installation, start-up, operation and maintenance of the systems.

We also have the invaluable help of our business partners, leading manufacturers in each of their respective technologies. Our commercial agreements give us access to the latest technical advances, allowing us to make available to clients in the Spanish market all the knowledge and experience accumulated over the years all over the world.

Chemical-free water disinfection

Desinfección Agua Aquabona, S.L. contributes to promotion and sale of sustainable operation technologies through systems that reduce electricity consumption, chemicals and the need for maintenance services.

UV disinfection is a widely recognized and tested disinfection method. It is a physical (and not chemical) treatment, so it does not change the chemistry, nor does it add color, odor, taste or flavor to the water.

Ozone is an unstable gas with a very short half-life; it reacts and disappears very quickly, so it must be generated, injected and dissolved in the water «in situ».

Water filtration

There is no good disinfection without a good upstream filtration. Solutions from protecting the membranes of large desalination plants to improving the quality of surface, ground and waste waters in industrial processes and wastewater treatment infrastructure by providing robust and reliable systems.

From mobile water treatment systems comprising a complete, automated and modular membrane filtration solution, to turnkey projects, as well as pre-designed modular plants.

Versatile solutions that allow us to cover a wide spectrum of needs.

Tratamiento Aguas

Asesoramiento Integral en Desinfección y Tratamiento de Aguas

Aquabona: Full service

Our pillars for a Comprehensive Service:

• Expert and professional advice.

• Quality of products and systems.

• Quick response.

• Effectiveness and efficiency.

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