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Oil & Gas Sector
Water Treatment and Disinfection

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Soluciones para Desinfección del agua en Alimentación y Bebidas

Water Disinfection and Filtration

Oil & Gas Sector

Oil and gas production requires the disinfection of large volumes of water for reuse or injection

It must be ensured that no biological contamination or obstructions occur in the shale formations. Gas wells are sensitive to bacterial growth, Therefore, the water must be disinfected to be reused, with UV disinfection being an alternative free of chemicals and at a lower cost.

Gas Production
With the emergence of new horizontal drilling technology, wells are being drilled using this method in shale formations containing natural gas. The wells are then fractured, using up to 20 million m3 of water per well. This process expands the yield, increasing the capacity of the well.

The water is then discarded or disinfected and reused. The cost of water disposal is very high, since it requires truck transportation from the exploitation area.

Oil Production
Large volumes of water are also often used in oil production. Water is treated and injected into the well and oil is pushed to the surface.

Most common applications

UV disinfection systems are an effective method in oil production for microbial control in injection water, where bacteria Sulfate reducers (SBR) can cause a well collapse, reducing oil production.

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Solutions to meet your water treatment needs in oil, gas and chemical refineries

Membrane-based solutions provide the oil and gas chemical and refining sectors with treatment tools that adapt to your specific industrial water and wastewater needs.

Whether operators are looking to reuse water within a process or discharge it into the environment, our Water treatment by microfiltration (MF), ultrafiltration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO) can help.

Our portfolio of comprehensive water treatment solutions, together with our dedicated service and support teams, are an ideal solution for any industrial refining or chemical needs.

We can treat complex waters found in chemical and refining applications, such as process makeup and service water, cooling water and much more.

Pall Water can treat these complex waters in oil and gas, refining, petrochemical and chemical applications:

- Treatment of incoming water/surface water.
- Pretreatment of boiler feed water.
- Replacement for the cooling towers.
- Purge of the cooling tower.
- Pretreatment of process water.
- Reuse of wastewater.
- Service water.
- Treatment for discharge water.
- Desalination.
- Treatment of produced water.
- Treatment of makeup water for unconventional oil and gas production.

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