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Power Generation Sector
Water Treatment and Disinfection

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Soluciones para Desinfección del agua en Alimentación y Bebidas

Water Disinfection and Filtration

Power Generation Sector

The power generation industry recognizes Total Organic Carbon (TOC) as an important cause of corrosion

Organic contamination of pure water from power plants can cause a series of costly problems: it can foul the resins of ion exchange in the makeup water and condensate deionizers, which requires more frequent cleaning and replacement of the resin.

TOC contamination found in water will convert to corrosive acids at higher pressures, which can reduce the life of boilers, reactors and the turbine blades. High purity water is necessary for the continuous operation of power facilities.

UV TOC reduction systems are a solution to these problems (at 185nm wavelength) in a technology design. low pressure lamps. This energy favors the formation of OH free radicals that lead to the oxidation of organic compounds. present in the water.

Most common applications

TOC reduction
Ultraviolet (UV) systems are used for the effective reduction of organics, commonly known as TOC (total organic carbon).

TOC reduction is achieved through a powerful 185nm wavelength UV system, appropriately designed and sized for compliance of this application, as well as strategically located in combination with other equipment.

Carbon dioxide is a typical byproduct of the TOC reduction process, which results in a decrease in water resistivity. While the Most organic molecules are oxidized into carbon dioxide and water molecules, other more resistant species are ionized or weakly charged, after absorbing UV. Therefore, polishing deionization (DI) beds are typically placed downstream of TOC reduction units, so that they not only remove charged/ionized organics, but also restore the resistivity of the water.

Avant line product

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Supply of water and wastewater solutions for the energy industry.

Pall Water is a world leader in fluid purification technologies for the power generation industry. The technologies product line microfiltration (MF) and ultrafiltration (UF) AriaTM offers comprehensive solutions for difficult-to-treat power generation waters. We have solutions for filtration and separation, cooling tower makeup water/cooling tower blowdown, boiler feedwater, high quality production and much more. We help power plants improve their overall safety and ensure clean, available and cost-effective energy.

In addition to a portfolio of comprehensive water treatment products for power generation, Aria CARE after-sales technical service is available for offer assistance and service 24 hours a day. The Pall team works with clients around the world to ensure their needs and expectations are met. sector regulations.

Solutions for energy industry applications:

Replacement water for cooling towers.
Pall Water's Aria microfiltration (MF) and ultrafiltration (UF) membrane systems provide consistently high quality water. Whether you need the water for makeup or to feed reverse osmosis (RO) plants, Pall provides a wide range of quality influent water.

Cooling tower purge.
Treated cooling tower blowdown water can be recycled as makeup water for cooling tower, reused as feed from the boiler, discharged or used to reduce the discharge flow (Zero Liquid Discharge objective). In short, treatment solutions for your plant water, ensuring you can make the most of your water resources.

Boiler feed water.
With strict water treatment regulations and increasing demand for safe water, treatment systems must ensure strict compliance of purity standards. Filtration is essential for your water treatment system to meet purity goals, and filtration methods Traditional media such as sand and granular mixed media are often ineffective, labor-intensive and expensive. Membrane-based solutions offer a Proven solution for your industrial water treatment needs.

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