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Welcome to Aquabona, S.L.

Family business -currently run by the second generation- whose mission is to offer Spanish companies a comprehensive advice on water matters; based on the study of the solution, marketing and maintenance of the recommended equipment facing any challenge that is presented to them, in the area of water disinfection and filtration, both in the industrial and municipal. Activity that we try to develop with a marked vocation for service and the sole premise of improving quality of its waters through competitive solutions with a positive economic and environmental return on the investment in the short-medium term.

We are proud to continue being faithful to the values of the company since its origins, continuing with the imprint left by its founder José Vilá Ruhé, focused on contributing to the achievement of a more sustainable world through the dissemination of reuse and recycling solutions. better use of a resource as scarce and precious as water.

We hope that the information we have made available to you on our website is useful. We invite you to contact us if you wish to expand any details about our products and services, without any commitment.


The Company was established +40 years ago with its founding partner having access to UV technology as a disinfection without the addition of chemicals, a very useful alternative to sodium hypochlorite in industrial sectors as critical as pharmaceuticals and food. turned out be a revolution and the first prop that led to the company's specialization in this field and the incorporation of other clean treatment technologies of water, such as Ozone, Advanced Oxidation Processes and Ultrasounds in later years - as well as filtration. Always at the forefront of the newest technologies.

Since our beginnings, we have developed our activity throughout the national territory and have positioned ourselves as one of the companies in the sector with the most experience in the field. of disinfection in the industrial and municipal markets, accumulating extensive knowledge in inlet, process and residual water applications for the industryas well as in the tertiary treatments of municipal treatment plants (WWTP) for subsequent reuse and in applications control of microbiological contamination in water treatment plants (DWTP).

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Our business model is to represent world-leading manufacturers of cutting-edge technologies in Spain through the formalization of exclusive agreements. Work that we always develop under a concept of close collaboration with the respective engineering, manufacturing, R&D&I departments; which allows us to make available to our clients access to the main news applied technologies in water disinfection with the aim of proposing the best solution to each of the cases presented to us.

The proposed solutions aim to both increase the life cycle of water and the competitiveness of the processes productiveof our clients to whom, through participation in more than half a thousand projects since our constitution, we must Thank you for the trust placed in all these years, being the driving force of our existence as well as our best guarantee in the face of new opportunities.

Aquabona, S.L.
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Aquabona: Full service

Our pillars for a Comprehensive Service:

• Expert and professional advice.

• Quality of products and systems.

• Quick response.

• Effectiveness and efficiency.

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