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Food and Beverage Sector
Water Treatment and Disinfection

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Soluciones para Desinfección del agua en Alimentación y Bebidas

Water Disinfection and Filtration

Food and Beverage Sector

The main application market for clean disinfection technologies

It includes all industrial activities of manufacturing, handling and packaging of articles for human or animal consumption. Bottled water, packaging of food, irrigation of crops, carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, dairy and meat processing plants.

Many bottled water and soft drink producers around the world rely on technologies such as UV radiation, ozone, micro- and ultrafiltration for obtaining pure water and ingredients that help protect the "brand", the flavor and prolong the shelf life of the final product.

Most common applications

This is the most common application of UV in water treatment. A properly sized UV system is designed to meet a minimum reduction from 3-log (99.9%)to a minimum of 30,000 micro-watts per second (or 30mJ/cm2) to one year, lamp life.

Some typical installation locations would be: fill points, rinse points, brine solutions, post-carbon filter, pre-filtration and RO membrane, at the outlet of the water storage tanks and before the syrup tank. A UV system can significantly reduce microbial counts by destroying at least 99.9% of the bacteria present in the influent flow when installed in the appropriate locations in the treatment of the process line, such as downstream of the carbon bed and/or directly upstream of reverse osmosis.

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SwiftBeverage product line (bioassay validation)

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OCD reduction
In ultrapure water systems, UV treatment is used for the effective reduction of organic compounds, commonly known as TOC.

TOC reduction is achieved by incorporating an appropriately designed and sized 185nm UV system, as well as positioned strategically in the treatment line.

Avant product line

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Ozone Destruction
Ozone is frequently used as a pretreatment of a water line as well as for the sanitation process. Before the point of water use, Residual ozone has to be destroyed to ensure that the product obtained is not contaminated.

UV technology is the best method for this application mainly because it is a non-chemical and fast-reactive process. The selection of the Appropriate UV unit guarantees the destruction of ozone to non-detectable values, ensuring the integrity of the process and the product.
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Chlorine/Chloramine Destruction
While adding chlorine to the water system can control bacteria levels, it should not be forgotten that it has undesirable effects on degradation. of filtration and RO membranes.

In addition, popular methods of removing chlorine and chloramines, such as carbon beds or chemical injection, have proven to be problematic. Sodium metabisulfite involves the elimination of one chemical substance through the use of another, generating food for microorganisms, while Coal beds can be inefficient, vulnerable to preferential channel formation, providing a breeding ground for microorganisms. The application of UV radiation technology for the destruction of chlorine and chloramines pre-filtration membrane and RO for water conditioning is being establishing itself as the most sustainable alternative.
UV for Rinse Water Recovery and Wastewater Treatment
Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP) through the application of UV in combination with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) for break down toxic contaminants into safe elemental components.

An innovative and cost-effective solution to eliminate chemical compounds in rinse/wash water, allowing their reuse at other points in the process. Well adapted to address the increasingly demanding wastewater discharge requirements.
Helping you achieve quality, consistency and efficiency in water treatment operations.

Highly reliable membrane solutions to reduce waste and provide significant savings compared to conventional treatments and filtrations. Our microfiltration (MF), ultrafiltration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO) solutions are designed to meet your treatment needs.

Mobile Water Treatment - Aria™ FAST
Mobile water treatment provides additional capacity and rapid treatment for both long-term facilities and short-term supply. Using microfiltration and ultrafiltration membrane technology, Aria FAST offers containerized solutions for municipal and industrial applications.

Modular Water Solutions - Aria™ FIT
Pre-assembled water solutions offer pre-engineered systems with proven microfiltration and ultrafiltration technology. Modular designs, based on racks, can be configured to fit available space, making this technology ideal for installations with limited space or needs of little capacity.

Custom Water Systems - Aria™ FLEX
Custom water systems offer flexible designs for a wide range of capacities and applications. Our membrane-based systems are the Perfect solution for new plants or upgrades to existing facilities.

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are also known as "permanent chemicals" because they do not break down in the environment. They are ubiquitous in drinking water and cause a number of health problems. They have been detected in 97% of the US population and have been related with:
- Immunotoxicity
- Thyroid disorders - Low birth weight
- Cancer

PFAS are used in the manufacturing of thousands of products, including various food packaging. Food and beverage producers have a greater responsibility to control the amount of PFAS discharged through wastewater.

We have experience in the effectiveness of Pall Water IMPRO™ reverse osmosis systems in achieving the broadest removal of PFAS compounds. - with low operating costs.

Water Treatment Diagram for the food industry:
Esquema Filtración

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Typical water line diagram in a beverage plant
Bottled beverage products are produced using a multi-barrier approach, from origin to final product.

Measures of a multi-barrier approach may include source protection, source monitoring, reverse osmosis, distillation, filtration, ozonation or UV light.

Esquema para Planta de Bebidas

Asesoramiento Integral en Desinfección y Tratamiento de Aguas

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